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De-tox your beauty regimen

Organic, natural skin & hair care

Beauty starts with health. Physician made in small batches.
Hand-made in Maine

Hi there,
My name is Veronica, I’m a resident physician living in Maine. I have a special interest in nutritional health and integrative medicine, and have enjoyed creating my own skin and hair products at home for several years for my own use. I have always had problematic skin that was annoyingly sensitive to seemingly every product I could purchase, and after I realized it was a sensitivity to many of the harsh artificial chemicals added to most commercial products, I decided to go straight to the source and begin mixing clean, and entirely natural ingredients myself. I have spent many hours researching the nutritional content of a variety of ingredients that may help skin and hair reach their potential health, and over time, I have collected my favorites to blend into simple skin and hair serums to share with others at an affordable price. Everything I have to offer is mixed right here at home, bottled with the utmost care by my own hands.
All of the ingredients I use are organic & ethically sourced, keeping in line with my values as both an individual living in this world, and also as a physician in the pursuit of fundamental health. I am happy to provide a detailed list of the exact products and sources that I use, and answer any questions you may have. My main motivation is not profit, but promoting health and non-toxic living.
These organic oils are simple blends of the earth’s gifts to us – there are no artificial ingredients, pesticides, or harsh chemicals included, just the sweetness of the plants themselves. I hope you enjoy these products, and please stay tuned for additions to come!



Organic Tick & Mosquito Repellent

DEET-FREE Organic Tick & Mosquito Repellent, made with a blend of citronella, clove bud, thyme & eucalyptus lemon oils in a blend of jojoba & witch hazel. 

Comes in a tough little 4oz aluminum spray bottle for your most rugged adventures. $15

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Veronica Scavo, DO

Made in Portland, Maine

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Image by Katriona McCarthy
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